My first SQL Blog for a good cause!!!

I have had build a blog on my to do list for the longest time.  There is nothing like a question posted on twitter to get your but in to gear.

While growing my skills over the past few years I have become familiar with the workings of Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp of SQL Skills.  I actually had a chance to listen to them present at the North Texas SQL Server Users Group a couple years back.  It was very impressive how well they knew their stuff and could speak so intelligently about all things SQL.  After that day I was a SQL Skills fan for life.

Since then I read everything they post, even though I do not understand the majority and things fly right over my head.  I have tried for the past two years to get my manager at work to approve me to go to a SQL Skills class, no luck.  I even offered to pay my own travel, no luck.  It is hard to know that something is out there that can help take my career to the next level like I feel taking training from this great company would allow.

Following Paul Randal on Twitter I see today that he is taking on a few candidates as a mentor.  His mentor-ship has always been for attendees of his classes and as I said previous I did not fit into that category.

So that pushed me to get this blog online and my first blog post published.  What better motivator could there be?

This would be such a boost to growing my career and advancing my skill set to become a stronger member of my current team as well as to make me more attractive employee to my next employer if ever required.  Having a strong foundation in SQL I have found myself feeling lost on how to get to that next level in my knowledge and think that this would be such a great opportunity.

That is what I have for this first blog.  Hope you enjoy.  Maybe I can start making this a regular thing and find topics that I can blog about.